Friday, July 28, 2017

"Girls ~ Believe in Yourself!"

Sophia Gregoire Trudeau kicked off a
United Nations-led girls' conference in Washington.
Submitted by Sean Kilpatrick of The Canadian Press,
the following are excerpts from his article.

Washington: Sophia Gregoire began with a pep talk, urging young women to believe in themselves and in their ability to shape the world. The prime minister's wife referred to her own past eating disorder and talked about the ways young girls often lack confidence in their appearance or in their ability.

She opened the Girl Up Leadership Summit Monday, urging hundreds of young women in attendance to 'fight back against that lack of confidence.' She also promoted Canadian international development programs tailored to helping women. Gregoire said, “It's a basic economic truism that societies with empowered women are more prosperous.”

When women rise, men rise as's based on facts. We've more women in the boardroom...more women in classrooms...more women in community life. We can inject peace and compassion.”
She received an ovation from the crowd at the beginning and at the end.

She concluded by paraphrasing the South Asian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur,
who wrote about her heart aching for sisters more than anything.
My heart aches for women helping flowers ache for spring,” Gregoire Trudeau said. “You are loved, girls...I wish you could see just how beautiful you are...
and how possible it is to 'self-love...and be at peace .”

Farah Mohamed's G(irls) 20
A Canadian citizen, living in Toronto for many years, who is the “Founder, Advisor and CEO of G(irls)20” which galvanizes the world's greatest resource ~ girls and women ~ and cultivates a new generation of leaders through education, entrepreneurship and global experience. Farah knows the power of making an impact at a national and international level.
As a small girl she immigrated with her family
from Uganda to Canada, settling in Southern Ontario.

Through Farah's G(irls)20, launched in 2009, she organizes an annual global 'summit' that takes place in the G20 host country with one delegate from each G20 country plus a representative from the European and African Unions, from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the MENA region. Delegates participate in workshops focused on building their skills in technology, entrepreneurism, community and leadership. The past 'summits' have taken place in Toronto, Paris, France...Mexico City...Moscow, Russia...Sydney, Australia...and Instanbul, Turkey.
Like me, you may question what the '20' represents.
I contacted her mother, Dilu ( a personal friend who resides in Burlington),
the significance of '20'...I had guessed, concluding it may be for the 20th century.
No,” she advises me, “At each annual 'summit 'Farah invites 20 representatives
to attend the host country for G(irls)20.”

The Malala Fund: Of this charity located in England, Farah is the CEO. Designed for every girl in the world to Learn and Lead without fear. “Malala is a Pakistani student and education activist who began speaking out for girls' education at the age of 11. After surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban at age 15...and residing now in the UK with her family, she co-founded The Malala Fund with her father in 2014. She is the youngest ever 'Nobel Laureate'. Malala Fund champions every girl's right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.
Malala and Farah state: “We believe girls are the best investment
in future peace and prosperity.”

Government Supporting Women's Rights...and another issue re 'Bishop lashes Liberals over abortion'.
A Dundas resident responds: Canada's government should be complimented for supporting women's rights for contraceptives and abortions. The planet, that bishops claim was created by their God, cannot handle the increasing mass of Homo sapiens. The irresponsibility of the Catholic bishops to encourage this mess is creating famines...and ultimately the problem will be solved by bombs if they have their way. Already, we are watching the massive decrease and in some cases the disappearance of other species God created. The phrase, “Be fruitful and multiply” should be removed from Genesis.
Oath of Today's Girl
I have a brilliant heart and a beautiful mind...I am Me: a perfectly flawed, beautiFULL work in progress, I promise to lift other girls up...have their backs...and make it safe for them to be exactly who they are. I am on a mission to raise the standards for how we treat each we treat ourselves...and how we treat the world. Every time I look in the mirror, I'll remind myself that I'm not alone...that I'm beautiful...that my voice matters...that I'll be enough to have an impact on others!”
Eleanor Roosevelt said:
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent!

Information compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr...July 20, 2017


  1. "What a positive way of handling a situation. There is a lot to learn from this. Thanks Merle. I do have a situation where I'd like to try it out ~ only that the child will not be with me for a period where I could see the progress."

  2. Sherrie comments: "Great written article about GIRLS.
    I have 5 grand-daughters and 2 daughter-in-laws now ...and this is something I will share with them all."