Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Salute to July 2015

~ a Mosaic of Musings and Ramblings ~

Best Sermons are Lived: Today, as my father, 3 brothers and 2 sisters stood around Mother's hospital bed, she uttered her last coherent words before dying. She simply said, “I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often. (from Carolyn's collection)

Bizarre Amazing Fact: In 2010, a man who was lost in the woods of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, chopped down some power lines so that workers would have to come and rescue him.

Community Updates... re Shipping: Vessel traffic and cargo activity in Hamilton Harbour (May 24-30)...Domestic 5; USA 7; Oversees 4). Effective May 31st, the Port of Hamilton had seen 117 vessels (commodities) this 2015 season (42% domestic; 31% USA; 27% voyages)

Heritage Lighthouse's Fate up in Air: A group trying to save the Beach Canal Lighthouse is waiting to find out if it is on the small list of lighthouses the Federal Government is willing to preserve. The 1858 lighthouse on the Burlington Canal is 1 of 348 that community groups petitioned the government to preserve.

Dairy Products: Today, there are 127 licensed dairy processing plants across Ontario...using the latest technology to make a package of more than 2000 dairy products that are shipped across the province every day...e.g. organic yogurt, cheese, ice cream and DHA enhanced milk.

Distracted Driving has surpassed 'impaired driving' as the Number 1 cause of fatal collisions on Ontario's highways. CAA has been advocating for stronger 'distracted driving' legislation since 2005. Currently, distracted drivers could face up to a $1000 fine plus 3 demerit points. Today, driving to Mapleview Mall with my grandson, we passed a female driver veering into our lane while texting or talking on her sell phone. My horn brought back her concentration!

Health is Wealth: Go Nuts for Breakfast! Peanut butter doesn't just stick to the roof of your also sticks to your ribs. Have some for breakfast and you'll stay satiated until after your regular lunchtime. Peanuts are legumes, and crunchy or creamy, is packed with fiber ...has good-for-you-fat and protein. Go ahead and spread it on your morning toast.

Humour: Communication Says it All (from Tom).
Wife texts husband on a cold winter morning. “Windows frozen...won't open.”
Husband texts back, “Gently pour some lukewarm water over it and gently tap the edges.”
Wife texts 5 minutes later, “Really messed up my computer.”

MBK's NewsBits:
Hamilton Police Target 'Big Four'. They handed out 197 tickets during a day-long traffic blitz on a May Friday...mostly for speeding and distracted driving along Dundas Street through Burlington and Oakville: targeting the 'Big Four Driving issues': impaired driving...distracted driving...aggressive driving...and failing to wear a seat belt.

Nature: Feisty Falcon Babies, Banded and Named
Lily, the new Queen of the nest, a top Hamilton's Sheraton Hotel has 2 chicks, Barton and McMaster. They objected to the indignity of being scooped from the family nest to be weighed and banded and photographed.. One chick displayed a 'look that could kill' at being handled.

Did you know that Luna Moths can have a wingspan measuring up to 10.5 cm. These very delicate females lay eggs on host plants such as white birch and sumac...hatching in a week.

Notable Dates: July 1 (Wednesday) ~ Canada Day; Memorial Day in Newfoundland
                          July 9 (Thursday) ~ Nunavut Day
                          July 10 to 26 ~ Pan American Games
                          July 19 (Sunday) ~ Canada's Parks Day

Pan American Medals Incorporate Braille for the First Time: They are crafted from metal mined in three different countries across the Americans. The diameter of a softball and as heavy as a can of soup, the back of the medals reads...Toronto English, Spanish and braille.
The medals were designed in collaboration with Metis artist, Christi Belcourt, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and the metal supplied by Toronto-based Barrick Gold Corp. From three of its operations across the Americas ~ the gold from Hemlo mine in Ontario, the silver from its Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Republic and the copper from the Zalvidar mine in Chile.
The 4200 medals are unique...three layered ovals to represent the three Pan American regions.
Blue and green ribbons are for the Pan Am Games medals...
orange and red for Parapan Am medals.
Mark Tewksbury, an Olympic gold medalist in swimming, commented,
Beautiful and representative of our country and symbolic of the whole idea behind
Toronto 2015 ~ United We Play.”

Summer Water Safety:  
Boating is fun! Whether it is a fishing boat, a canoe or kayak or personal watercraft, basic safety tips apply:
Learn to swim is one of the most important ways to stay safe on the water.
Everyone in the watercraft must wear a life jacket.
Leave the alcohol on shore!
Be a weather-watcher...check the forecast before setting out.
Let someone onshore know the details of your trip.
Follow a pre-departure checklist to ensure all is in working order.
Maintain constant supervision of children regardless of their swimming ability.
Be respectful of buoys...other navigational aids... and boats.
Ensure that more than one person is familiar with all aspects of the boat's operations.

Compiled by Merle Baird-Kerr...June 26, 2015

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