Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn's Incentive to Mankind

Life, like a Garden, is Always a Test:
Outside factors determine the success of our decisions ~
the environment in which people and plants reside;
the positive and negative ingredients resulting in loss or gain;
our conditions and “weather” greatly influencing the outcome.

“Seeing the Beauty of Life...often depends on your outlook.”

I've discovered over the years, there is a strong correlation between the Life of Man and that of Mother Nature. Look deeply into bird families...animals'  inbred instincts...trees and gardens that seasonally alter appearance...and rivers and oceans (the least researched area on Earth). We share/co-habit this planet with other species.

Of Interest:  What is it that intrigues deep sea divers?  My son, a scuba diver, states that below the ocean's crest is a whole new World of Life.  Sweep your way through the kelp fields and into a whole new realm of exploration and introduction to much brilliantly-hued marine life.
This morning, Sherrie sent me...Dakuwaga's Garden...depicting spectacular colourful sea life which
Underwater… few of us have viewed . It was a dramatic concept of...the fishes and the deep blue sea.

“There are Many Colours in a Rainbow,”
wrote Deirdre Pike in the Spectator.
When you drive into Hamilton from Burlington, a blue sign at the edge welcomes one and all to a “Community of Communities...a unique flavour of half a million or so inhabitants.”

Autumn is resplendent along the Escarpment, surrounding Burlington Bay and the scenery backdrop for Cootes Paradise. Colourful are the hanging baskets in selected areas, gardens along the boulevards and centering major divided streets.

Colour and Reflection
How beautiful the leaves grow old.
How full of light and colour are their last days.
(John Burroughs)

The End of the Season
(excerpts from Canadian Wildlife September/October issue 2013
written by Ken Beattie)
Fall's arrival is another chapter in the Life of our Gardens.  The successes that we celebrated throughout the well as lessons learned...are tucked away until the next burst of energy in the spring.  The perennial plants in our gardens are similarly in preparation for seasonal dormancy and most of the animal species are on their last legs.

A great many gardeners believe that in the final throws of the season, they need to clean, tidy and all but vacuum their landscapes to prepare for winter winds and snow.  In truth, leaving stalks and stems, leaves and even a few twigs is a good idea.  These dried remnants can be beneficial throughout winter...they trap snow around the plants, acting as an insulator and ready water source in the early spring.  THINK ABOUT IT:  nobody tends to the native plants we see along the roadsides or in the meadows...and these plants perform year after year without fail.  There is a reason why plants go into dormancy the way they do ~ it's called SURVIVAL.  The most poignant lesson we can learn this season is to watch and take note of what Mother Nature is doing. 

What is Beautiful a Joy for all Seasons.
(Oscar Wilde)

Fall into Colour with Terra (excerpts)
Fall bulbs are a great way to ensure your spring starts as a beautiful symphony of colour!  It will be worth the effort when the snow melts into a mesmerizing array of colour.  Some gardeners plant many bulbs all the same colour ~ creating a monochromatic look e.g. purple tulips, hyacinths and crocus blooming together in the warm days of spring that really add beauty to the otherwise sleeping garden.

If you want excitement and fire in your garden ~ the classic red tulip is stately; stunning yellow daffodils add warmth.  For extra drama, plant tulips of many petals (looking like peonies);  plant the Butterfly Daffodil (appearing to have delicate wings).  Hyacinths have been coined as the most recognizable scent in the spring. 

After a dark and cold winter season, you'll be happy when spring bulbs emerge with the first graceful,  fragrant detailed blossoms...while your other perennials continue to sleep!

Ken Beattie states, “I'd like think of the closing season as the closing of a chapter in a book  And as the gardens take on a new look, remember...there is always next year.”

Words of Wisdom

A Family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.
If these minds love one another,
The Home will be as Beautiful as a Flower Garden.
But if the minds get out of harmony,
it is like a storm that plays havoc with a garden.

Scripted by Merle Baird-Kerr … September 25, 2013
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