Saturday, December 8, 2012

Canadian Rocky Mountains

A few weeks ago, Josseline (a Bridge Base Online Friend)
sent me...Magnifique, les Rocheuses.

This was a spectacular video of our Canadian Rockies
with her accompanying comment:
I know somebody, living in Canada
who'll be very glad to receive this video.

To her, I responded after viewing the numerous photos:

                                                          How Beautiful our Rockies!
                                                          In viewing these scenes
                                                          tears come to my eyes!
                                                          How fortunate I've been
                                                          travelling all National Parks
                                                          as this video depicts!

                                                         Come!  Travel with me
                                                         to the heights of the mountains,
                                                         to the depths of the valleys,
                                                         to rich evergreen forests,
                                                         to lakes' aqua waters and rivers,
                                                         to the tumbling cascades,
                                                         to Kootenay's hot springs
                                                         and the Columbia Icefields.

                                                        View the mountain goats ever so high,
                                                        the deer , the elk and the moose;
                                                        View the bees, the butterflies and alpine flowers
                                                        throughout the Rocky Mountains.

                                                        Yes, there are the Alps...which I have toured;
                                                         the Andes, over which I have flown;
                                                         the American Rockies through which I've driven.
                                                         But...This is My Canada
                                                         for all to enjoy!

                                                        Our Rocky Mountains
                                                        ... magnificent, mighty and mystical.
                                                        They compel us to lovingly appreciate
                                                        their unparalleled magical beauty!

We are a wide-spread country...ten Provinces and three Territories.
Our lands encompass mountain ranges, valleys and canyons, gently
rolling hills and the golden prairies; we have lakes and rivers, bays
and inlets and country streams; we have tumbling cascades and
well-renowned Niagara Falls. Three oceans border us...west, north
and east:  the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic.

The Laurentian Mountains, north of Montreal in Quebec
offer ski hills may  have heard of Mont Tremblant.
I've schussed down many of these slopes on winter vacations
...superbly exhilarating, fine cuisine and freshly fallen snow.
High on my list are Mont Tremblant, Gray Rocks, Mont Ste. Anne.

From west coast to east and north to our Territories, you'll be I the following discovered information.
          British Columbia and Alberta: the Rockies are comprised
          of over 100 mountain ranges.
          Saskatchewan has a few low mountain peaks.
          Manitoba: 2 ranges
          Ontario: 4 ranges (north of Thunder Bay and Ottawa Valley)
          Quebec:  11 ranges including the Laurentians and the Torngat
          New Brunswick: 11 including the Appalachian Mountains
          which extend northward from US and Mount Christmas.
          Nova Scotia: 3 ranges including Cape Breton Highlands
          a spectacular scenic route along the Gulf of St. Lawrence
          and the Atlantic Ocean.
          Newfoundland and Labrador: 10 ranges including the Torngat
          Prince Edward Island (in the Gulf of St. Lawrence)...none
          Yukon Territory has 19 mountain ranges.
          Northwest Territories have 9.
          Nuvavut 5...2 of which are on Ellesmere Island.

Planet Earth is the only home we have
and we would be wise to take good care of it.

(Bill Sherk...retired High School Teacher
Leamington, Ontario)

Merle Baird-Kerr … written December 4, 2012
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  1. Merle,

    We always learn so much from you !
    Thank You for You !

    Sherrie & Alan

  2. Every day is a "day of discovery"! According to Marie's new calendar...this month says CELEBRATE...with the quote:
    "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate"