Thursday, November 15, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars


The “Bare Naked Ladies” ( a group of male singers from Toronto)
have popularized many songs that they have written and sung.
I love the melodious lilt and the words of this song
(which you can hear on Internet).
So, with some plagiarism, I sent this special greeting
to my son for his 15th day of November birthday last year.
Today, I have updated it with a further experience
we had in October of this current year.

If I had a Million Dollars
I'd purchase you a car ~
unlike the Mazda
that “zoom, zoooms, zooooms”.
Neither be a fancy Ford
even tho' you'd love a Mustang.
I'd not buy Alpha Romeo
to cruise Italy's streets.
I'd splurge on a Porsche...
so Sleek, so Racy, so Spirited
in any colour you prefer!

If I had a Million Dollars,
my very elaborate yacht
would take you deep sea fishing.
Watch whales in Bay of Fundy
or spear a Marlin, big and blue
(a trophy upon your wall).
With a trap for salty waters,
you'd catch a tasty crab.
Your preference is a Lake?
Then you hook a lengthy trout.
Wouldn't that be exciting!

Perhaps a travel card
would greatly interest you.
You've driven many States
relating to your jobs.
I'd arrange destinations...
Siberia...even Tim-buc-tu!
Safaris on savannahs;
and Amazon's tropics explore.
Your ticket's good...anywhere!
Be sure to take life jacket
and trusty camera to “shoot”.

However...I don't have

Perhaps I'd give a Sudoku puzzle
to challenge your numerical mind
or even a jigsaw puzzle
with a thousand pieces or more.
I'd recommend car rallies
to interpret directions
and win the destined goal.
Or...I you
for personal computer assistance.

In early October, 2012, you accepted a job
in downtown Manhattan.
We drove to New Jersey, staying a week at the Hilton.
On Saturday, we escaped Newark's dense population
to drive the Atlantic coast.
Through Sea Bright to Pier Village
(beautiful and  architecturally sited
with wonderful ocean views).
Then southward to Seaside Heights
...where families oft' go for summer vacations.

A short distance south we drove
and observed the plenteous sand dunes.
We “stair-ed” to the boardwalk
to capture the views
of ocean so placid and far-away ship.
The ocean was so blue on this sunlit day.
A “beach bum” or two lazed on the sand
reading a novel or “girlie magazine”.

Two weeks later, Sandy came ashore
crumbling homes like matchsticks
and devastating...this fine resort!
The mighty force of winds
shovelled the dunes
and buried many homes
to a sandy grave!

If I had a Million Dollars
I'd donate it to these people
to rebuild their homes,
to rebuild their Sea Heights resort,
and to rebuild their lives!

Happy Birthday, My Dear Son,
although you are afar.
As per my philosophy...
“You're another year younger and another year wiser!”
May this bring you a happy and successful year!
May, YOU win a Million Dollars!

written November 14, 2012

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  1. Happy Birthday Andrew and many more !


  2. He'll be pleased to hear from you...
    thanks, Sherrie! This weekend he is off to a
    Men's Retreat organized by the church he attends.

  3. How like you, always thinking of others.
    Wisdom really runs in your Family.
    Happy Birthday, Wise Son of a very Wise Mum.

    1. So pleased with your comment, Sol...
      your "wise words" are wonderfully accepted.

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew, I wish it's very happy and I wish there are going to be many more. ;-)

    1. Jimmy...(my favourite nephew) pleased
      you commented on this blog. He is away for a couple days (he's now working in Manhattan) and will not
      return until Sun. eve to read my Birthday Greeting
      to him...he'll be excited to hear from you.