Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sounds of Nature . . .

I love to think of Nature as an unlimited broadcasting station
through which God speaks to us every hour if we will but tune in.”
(George Washington Carver)

When the Sun Goes Down ~

Relaxing on your patio or high-rise terrace
with lemonade, frosty beer or wine,
the moon reveals... its silvery self
and you revel...the serenity of the eve.

The humid stillness is pierced...cicadas' deafening calls.
Frogs begin their croaks from nearby ponds,
both lily and algae covered.
Crickets, it seems by hundreds in chorus,
incessantly sing...long into night.
From the branches of stately evergreens
hoot the owls... awaiting their nightly prey.
In the darkness of the woodlands,
wolves, in packs, eerily howl, on their nightly hunt.

Nature is Man's Teacher.
She unfolds her treasure to his search:
unseals his eyes, illumines his mind, and purifies his heart.”
(Alfred Billings Street)

When Dawn Breaks ~

It's 5:30 AM...dreading the sudden alarm!
The birds cheerily welcome the early morn
with melodious songs among the trees.
(a pleasant awakening to begin the day)

To residents on his farm, the rooster crows.
Mother hen...she happily clucks
laying her eggs in the strawy nest.
To their several goslings,
the geese...gobble,gobble, gobble.
Quack, quack...quacks the duck
...surveying his barnyard home.
Standing in stalls are the cows...
they moo to be fed and to release their milk.

”Look deep into Nature
and then you will understand everything.”
(Albert Einstein)

Savannahs and Jungles ~

The lions roar, protecting pride and lair.
Monkeys joyously screech swinging tree to tree.
With head above water in tropic temps,
the hippopotamus (“river-horse”) bellows... and deep grunts.
Serpents hiss to startle the wary foot.
The chatter-talk of parrots in the rain forests' lush...
so beautiful to see, so colourfully feathered.
Symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures...
the elephant “rumbles” in a ten-octave range
or when adversary-attacking, he loudly “trumpets”!

Subtleties and Senses ~

Trees are happy for no reason ~
they are not going to be Prime Minister or President;
they are not going to be rich and they will never have a bank balance.
Look at the flowers ~ for no reason.
It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.”

The Wind is both gentle and cruel, cooling and frigid.
We love it in summer when zephres waftly blow
to rustle the leaves with nature-coded message.
It may be a gale that's mightily destructive
or advantageous to man's... inventive “wind towers”.

Lightning and Thunder speak of forthcoming rain.
The flashing streaked sky and the big boom noise
are portents of a storm... impending.
We rush for shelter to escape Nature's Act!
The rain patters a sprinkling shower,
dampening the street and refreshing the grass.
It may pour heavily, often clogging city sewers,
yet, benefiting farm crops...arid and thirsty.
The beauty of the rain...oft' a gorgeous rainbow
that speaks from God in the heavens above.

Water, Earth's liquid gold, we frequently disregard.
To survive on Earth, it IS an essential!
How peaceful the rugged ocean's shore!
Its allure calms turmoils and serenes our mind.
Mesmerized, we are, by waterfalls so scenic
as they tumble and cascade to deep rivers below.

In pioneer days, we depended on Fire
to heat abodes, to cook our hunted food.
Today, we “return to grass roots”... lighting a fire.
We hear the kindling crackling as orange flames ignite it.
The smoke swirls skyward like a signal in the night.
Roasting an absolute delight!
BBQ's we love and sing by the fire...
as stars up above twinkle and twinkle!
YET, fire mishandled
costs us lives and dense forests destroyed!
(by a careless, a thoughtless and unconcerned deed)

Adopt the pace of Nature;
her secret is Patience.”
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The most peaceful vista, I've experienced
has not an oral sound...yet it speaks in the beauty of its silence.
Lay on a beach and look upward to the sky
or on a rocky ledge , o'erlooking the horizon.
Let go of your troubles, business woes and distress.
Outside the Box” is where you want to go!
The sky is blue or softly azure-hued.
Uniquely formed clouds drift through the sea
...with destiny unknown...
cotton-ball-puffy, they may be
dramatized 'gainst...their sea-of-blue;
they may be wispy and small, floating slowly eastward.
Oft' they are bustling and crowding, scudding the sky
as a freight train in motion whistles every crossing.
Nature has a talent ~ allows us to imagine
and re-invent out thinking...

Look at the trees; look at the birds;
look at the clouds; look at the stars...
and if you have eyes, you will be able to see
that the whole existence is joyful.”
(author unknown)

Man's heart, away from Nature, becomes hard.”
(Standing Bear)

Merle Baird-Kerr
written August 5, 2011


  1. Dear Merle...

    Nature is truly in your heart and soul... and you show us the way by your writings and prompts to enjoy little things along the way that God has created. Very moving nature entry this morning. Absolutely loved it.

    I've always regarded nature as the clothing of God. ~Alan Hovhaness

    S & A

  2. Dear Sherrie...your comments are as poetic as my words.
    How beautifully written by you and Alan.